No Fly zones

Hello There is a way to fly in an airport I have a job to do in the airport I obviously have the permits but the dronedeploy does not leave me if there could be some way, thank you very much in advance, sorry for my bad English.

We have noticed some issues with NFZs due to the bug we have encountered since SDK 4.0 was released. We are working to resolve the issue but do not have a solution at this time. You should be able to input your credentials and fly with the DD app, however there have been some issues with those credentials carrying over.


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Cuando tendré autorización para efectuar el Vuelo en el Aeropuerto de Yacuiba Bolivia,


PD…leajunto plan de vuelo

la solucion seria trabajar con aplicación de teléfonos de Apple ?

Hi @Atababary,

Apologies if I am misunderstanding your issue since I am using Google Translate. There is no guarantee that you will or should be able to fly in this region since DroneDeploy does not control which regions users are able to fly in. You’ll need to check with local laws and regulations.