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Who or where do I send a request to get the NFZ fencing lifted from DD? I can’t seem to find anywhere that gives me that info. We are currently using a P4 PRO with android and from the sounds of it even with the NFZ fencing lifted from DD and DJI GO geo-fencing disabled and all FAA regulations met I still may not be able to complete my mission. Sounds like this is a communication error between DD and the DJI SDK that is maybe being worked out. Thankfully I am close to the project location and would not loose too much time heading to the site to give the mission a try. That being said we have a large number of projects that fall within the Yellow/Red NFZ around our local airport. I have been able to fly in areas where the ceiling is limited to 200’ but have not tried venturing in closer even with our waivers and all necessary approvals, but the time is coming where I will need to. Thanks for any tips or tricks that have already been posted to help make this work and thanks in advance for any future help.



Thanks for reaching out. To describe what is happening as far as No Fly Zone: DJI’s SDK is unreliable in that it will not effectively communicate with our app to set waypoints so you can launch your flight. We have been trying to implement a reliable feature that will allow users to fly in No Fly Zones (NFZ restriction feature). However, we are experiencing issues with this from the DJI side. We are currently in talks with DJI and they acknowledge this issue with their SDK.

So far, our testing with Android devices has no effect on the DJI SDK. Our testing with iOS devices with DJI SDK is a maybe (please take this lightly) in that it is unreliable and we have had users report they are able to fly and also users reporting that they are not able to fly.

I am working with our engineers to further diagnose this issue but in the meantime, I will feel comfortable saying that this feature will not be fully reliable until DJI’s SDK issue is able to be corrected. This industry is exciting and new and we are always working hard to make features available to our users. Thank you for your patience!


So that being said can you disable the DD fencing for our account. I am going to try to get the flights in that I have planned near our local airport. Thankfully I live within a ¼ mile of it and can do the testing at my house.

Thank You

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@ggeorge the No Fly Zone feature flag is turned on for you (fencing restriction is off. However Like i said, it is not reliable and may not work.



Hello Andrea, just like riley. We have a job near an airport and we went through all the necessary procedures and got a Nigeria Airspace Management (NAMA) permit, we did the dji go unlocking and yet we can’t fly using the drone deploy. The job needs to be delivered on Wednesday please help us


Hi @Likitre01,

Hope you are doing well. I went ahead and have enabled the NFZ feature on your DroneDeploy account. I hope this works.

Happy flying!



Thank you for your response, i will try it tomorrow


Hello Andrea, It didn’t work


Hi @Likitre01,

I’m sorry to hear this. I went ahead and took a look at the area that you are trying to fly and I noticed that you are attempting to fly in a “Restricted Zone” (see image below). As my colleague Yusuf explained in this forum thread previously, unfortunately, flying drones in a restricted zone with the DroneDeploy app is not guaranteed as we rely on the DJI SDK to plan our waypoint missions and sometimes the DJI SDK does not support flying in restricted areas.


My apologies for this inconvenience. As a workaround, in case you are using an iPad, I would recommend you to try flying your drone with the DJI GS PRO app, which is a DJI app that autonomously flies their drones using waypoint missions.

Hope this helps. Happy mapping!



a favor would be so kind to support me with this same problem that I have wanting to start my flight plan please I would appreciate it


Hi everyone,

Please take a look and read through ourRestricted Areas/No Fly Zones support document. Flying in a No Fly Zone/Restricted Zone in the DroneDeploy app is not currently possible.



Just a reminder that anyone that really needs to use Drone Deploy in any airspace can do so. Read back a few posts to find out how.

Drone Deploy probably won’t endorse this as they rely on dji providing them sdk access and they don’t want to make dji angry which is understandable. However. you as individuals that own your craft are under no such encumbrance.

Remember that dji-fencing is not a requirement or even endorsed by any country that I am aware of. If it is hindering you doing your job, get rid of it.



Can you please enable NFZ for my account as well? I need to fly within an authorization zone.


Hi @Mikeh808,

I have enabled the NFZ flag on your account. I hope it works well for you but please take into consideration that this permission does not guarantee that you could successfully fly your mission in a restricted area with DroneDeploy app. However, we encourage you to give that a try if you have the permission unlocked from the DJI side.

Happy flying!


My flight was two days ago- had hoped for a faster response. Fortunately I did not have any issues after authorizing with DJI.


Having trouble with my Inspire 1, x3, and iPad mini 4. Same issue as stated above. Wondering if you could lift my NFZ restrictions in DD as well. Thanks for your help in advance!


Hi @highestcommon,

I have enabled the NFZ flag on your account. I hope it works well for you.

Happy flying!


Hi Andrea, Would you be so kind as to do what you can on my account as well. If you have any questions. please let me know.

Thank you!


Hi @Dave,

I can see that the NFZ permission is now enabled on your account. Please make sure that you have all the permissions unlocked on DJI side before attempting to use DroneDeploy.

Happy flying!


…Thank you @Andrea !