No data after I complete the shape for area measurement

Hi, Im experimenting with the desktop app to see if I could use this. I haven’t even flown a mission yet with drone deploy. Im simply trying to take a measurement off of the “sample roofing map” I click the “area” measurement tool, draw my shape, and click the first point to complete it and it does nothing at all. I see no data anywhere. I read in the FAQ’s that even with a trial version you can take measurements. What gives DroneDeploy? where can I find the data after I draw the shape on your “sample roof”

Man, Pix4d I had a mission ran and all my images uploaded and looking at a 3d model in the time its taken me to figure out how to take a linear measurement with a sample,

You need to fly a map and process it for there to be data generated to measure. The example maps are not interactive for measurements. You would have the same results as Pix4d if you flew and uploaded the mission to Drone Deploy. You should be able to upload the images you have to our program.

Thanks Gary, I thought those examples were there to simulate a mission thus being able to interact with them.
Ill give it a try today.

DD Team - It might be nice if you were able to copy the map or have some way to gain control of a copy. Perspective users might answer allot of questions for themselves or spark better questions that are more helpful…