No capture during fly

my friend have p3pro with iphone 6s. and when drone get fly everything is looks okey. but drone is not capture automaticly like i have. cause i have p4 with xiaomi redmi note4 when drone fly it will take image automaticly during project until drone comeback. but my friend is not like me. i have trying to find out like open setting or anything else and i dont looks like camera setting or something like that.
anyone know why it is happen ?

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Happens more frequently on the P3P. I recently moved away from that to a P4P. GPS issues were also much more prevalent. I would make it part of practice to put the drone down at least 2-3 minutes before trying to connect to give the unit enough time to collect satellites. This does relate to the camera knowing where it is and when to trigger the camera.
What I would like DroneDeploy to do is include the ground test shot in the image count for the mission so that you can see that the camera has actually fired. If not then you know immediately to bring it back and try again.

Great advice, and excellent suggestion @MichaelL!

@Wuri_Supit, let us know if that works for your friend!

thank u. but at that time my p4 is not turn on. so my friend the one only drone. i dont know why dronedeploy is not automaticly capture image. when my friend push button capture on remote it work, but keep still no continue capture.

btw its work now. problem solve with, format sd card and reinstall apps on iphone. but new problem come, the p3pro now is not able to check Structure Mode. whereas earlier it could.

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I think the card was the issue. i have experienced that before now that you say it.

ok. so are i know why my nest issue. p3pro now is not able to check Structure Mode. i dont know why, i try to restart drone and device also the apps. but doesn’t work

Hi @Wuri_Supit,

Which mobile device are you having this issue on? For your reference, here’s a list of our Supported Devices (Mobile and Tablet). If your device isn’t listed on this page then there is no guarantee that DroneDeploy will or should work without issue on your device.


i using Xiaomi Redmi Note4 on Phantom 4. and my friend is iphone 6s on Phantom 3pro. i try to swapping our phone. but doesn’t work. my friend still not able to activate Structure Mode on phantom 3pro. meanwhile I can activate it on phantom4.

Hi @Wuri_Supit,

Apologies for the delayed response. I’ve escalated your issue and am awaiting feedback from our team. If we need more info I will report back here. Please let me know if anything has changed in the meantime.


Hi @Wuri_Supit,

Support for Structures Mode is dependent on the firmware of the drone’s flight controller, and unfortunately, many older drones (including the Phantom 3 and Phantom 3 Pro) do not support this firmware. The oldest model that supports this firmware is the Phantom 4.