No camera/fly zone issue

Hi there

I’m having some issues with the matrice 100, im on version on the aircraft, and running dd on ios. Can’t seem to get the green tick on the mission. Bing maps is also filtered with a no camera/fly zone. I dont have any issues flying the matrice on the dji go. hope to hear from you guys about this. cheers

Hi Evtan,

Our app is not yet compatible with the M100:

Please see our compatibility page for more information- we will publicize when beta is open for the M100



I was told by aerial media pros that the older version of the m100 should still work with the dd. And also the no fly/camera zone, that does it actually mean, am I able to plan and fly a mission or not cause it works on the dji app. Cheers

We’ve been told M100 might have a firmware update in the next few days.