NFZ unlock


I went out for a project near Unity, Saskatchewan and DJI had a lock for NFZ on. Therefore, I was not able to fly the drone in DJI or drone deploy.

I have obtained the unlocked area through DJI and it is now cleared to fly, this is about 6 hours drive away and want to make sure my drone deploy application flight plan will work.

Could you please unlock it through my account?

Thank you

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Open DJI GO 4 first. If you will be taking off within the notification area, start the motors, or attempt to take off, which will trigger a pop up warning where you can unlock the zone. You may have to provide and confirm your cell phone number. If you’re taking off from outside the notification area you may not get this pop up until you are at the boundary in which case you can pause flight and fill out the form. You may not get the unlock pop-up If DJI has already unlocked it for you. In either case, as soon as the unlock is copied to the drone you can switch to DroneDeploy and fly as usual.

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