Newly Released Dji P3p Beta Firmware V01.04.00.01

Did anyone test this firmware yet ?
does anyone know if it works with both 3rd party apps and Dji Go app ?
why is DJI confusing people?

I’m wondering aswell.

Do not proceed it killed my p3p
And when i looked inside the drone it fried the blackbox inside as well as a couple of other components

When did it fry the P3P? During the update or when you tried to fly?

This firmware is not compatible with the current DroneDeploy app. We will have a compatible app soon.


after the update first flight the drone acted weird then slammed into a tree and died i thought maybe something got unplugged inside the drone but when i opened it the blackbox at the center was open with its side simi melted and i can see one of the components on board fried as well when i contacted dji they told me warranty void because i opened the drone body

Wow, that sounds awful… We’ll test, and proceed with caution.

Hey guys,

We’re making progress with this firmware and SDK. It will most likely mean we have Phantom 3 Advance support as well but we have to test this first. Once we’ve done some test flights on our P3 Pros and Inspires we will let you know.

Since this is a big firmware update we are thinking we will keep the version that currently exists available for those that don’t want to update their firmware. We won’t be able to add new features to that version very easily but people should still be able to fly and map.


Great, thanks for keeping us updated!

Oops stinking mobile and my fat fingers. This is the link
Newly Released Dji P3p Beta Firmware V01.04.00.01

You can find an updated version here: