Newby searching in the dark

I’ve just shot my first 3D model, of a home. Worked fine, at least for a newby! I’m under the impression that to easily share this with others, it’s good form to upload it to SketchFab. Is that the best way? And now the biggy for this morning… I can’t figure out how to do this simple task. I’m a new sign-up to DroneDeploy so in my 30-day test period. Is the ability to put my first model onto SketchFab (or is there a better place?) available to me in this 30-day test? If this all works, I’ll be a DroneDeploy customer, but I’d like to understand how to do this first! :slight_smile:
Thank you (to anyone who can educate me)

You would have to export it as an obj file and hen import it into Sketchfab.
You could share it using the Share link on the top of the dashboard.

Hi Gary,

Thanks for mentoring me in DroneDeploy.

I did this, and then imported the .obj into SketchFab.

What then showed up in SketchFab was just the grayscale topographical map, no color images of the structures. What am I doing wrong? How do I import it into Sketchfab so I can see the same color 3D model which displays in DroneDeploy?

And… Is this the best procedure to use… Build a 3D model in DroneDeploy, but display it for customers to see via SketchFab?

Thanks for your tips.