New version of DD

Hello guys. Have a question. The new version of the app does stop responding all the time. I am using Sansumg J7. The previous version dos work ok. Does this new version requiere more resourses from phone? Thank.

What exactly are you seeing when you say it stops responding? Does the app close? or does it just stop responding to input?

Hello chasemgray fiesta stop responding, then the app is closed. O flow today with los app version everything ok. Then I saw the new version now open the app and even not conected to the Drone the app stop responding and quit. I can see in the flights that the app is uploading flight plan (This is New, could you tell me what does ir mean? How do we share map with other users?) Could this upload be the problem? I have many flights in the dashboard. Thanks. Carlos.

Hello guys. @chasemgray New problems with the new version. I flow a mission with P3S and it flow ok but never started to take pictures. I flow the same mission again with the same drone and have the same problem (actually showed Up a mensage saying something like PICTURES HAVE NOT STARTED PLEASE PRESS PICTURE BOTTON TO START but P3S rc does not have that botton so I have to take Drone home both times) during the mission the small picture screen never showed up. Then I flow the same mission with a P3P; now it did better but not perfect, the mission started with gimbal looking down during ascending process of the Drone and the last line the app made the Drone to change gimbal to horizontal position as it used to do at end of a mission. Is it only me whit this problem? Or some other user are also having the same issue? Thanks for your time. Carlos.

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Iā€™m having the same problem with the gimbal! In the middle of the mission the gimbal lost the position and turns in horizontal way watching at the side. Please help us ā€¦ everything was going so good with the new feature of flying offline :+1:t3::+1:t3::+1:t3::+1:t3: