New Update bad?

I updated my Android tablet to ver 2.0.33 yesterday and had a flight this morning. Everything was fine before now many issues. It connected just fine but the camera never moved and took pictures looking straight out. I had the orbit selected and it returned to home and skipped that. I reset and tried again. No image capture and an error message for me to hit a button to start capture. Again the camera never moved downward. I ended up doing the job taking manual pictures since it was a small area.

What happened? Everything was fine before this update. Now I can’t trust that it will perform some of my bigger jobs now. I liked the idea of the orbit at the end but guess that doesn’t work either. I can’t believe I pay this much and they can break the app and functionality with one single update. Is there a way to roll back versions on Android?

Yup, just checked my app. version on my Android phone. 2.0.33, same as yours. See my post about camera fail posted moments ago. Phantom 3 Standard, camera fail. It worked two days ago too. Also, I did not see the circle capture on the app. on Thurs. and now (Sat.) there is that function shown so I guess maybe that was added in the firmware update?

Frank (very bugged !)

@onetmat are you also using the standard or a different drone when seeing this?

Phantom 3 Standard ; that’s what I have. With a Samsung 5 phone.

I’m on the P4 standard with an Nvidia Shield. The app has been relatively flawless for me until this update. I’ve been able to produce several maps and complete several missions with no problems. I’ll keep testing it but I cannot trust this version to complete a mission if needed.

I have been having lots of issues with my android tablet so I finally went and bought a Ipad mini 4 with verizon and what a difference all way round. I was not happy about giving my money to Apple as I am not a fan but was sick and tired of fighting with android stuff. I am in business and just need to have one less thing to deal with so it was a business decision. It will only be used for my Inspire and P4s…

Hello guys, have had the same problem. After the last updates DD worked nicelly, now I have problems all the time. Last night have unstilladed DD and reinstalled it, will try today what happen. Carlos

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Bad news. Did not take any picture never showed up the small window that show the camera view. Not record of the flight (used to mark it whit white line). The drone flow the proper line but do not take pictures. I am flying P3P FIRMWARE uploaded a few days ago. DD installed last Night. Android device Samsung J7. Carlos. Please @chasemgray any solution for our problem. Many people whit this issue now.

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Hey @cidcarlos we’re looking to update today or tomorrow with some fixes that should hopefully help the issues you’re seeing.

Carlos, Did the updates solve your problems? Have you had any good flights since March 10th?

Hello guys. Have not updated the new version yet will try in a few days .

Im having the exact same issues on a current Phantom 3 Pro??

did you ever get it to work im having the same issues on a Phantom 3 Pro

I have solved the problem on P3P starting everything on the F mode . Turn on the phantom 1st. Then turn on the RC finnaly connect your phone or tablet to the RC put your RC on F mode before you send the mission to the Drone. You should hace no problems that way. I have tried it on P3P and worked OK. The new update of DD should have solved that issue. Good flight Carlos.

Hey guys, am having problems with my android. Phone and tablet cant connect. When i plug in it says disconnnected. Ive tried reinstalling still same. Any advice? Am using the phantom 4

Have you tried unplugging your device, killing all background apps, then plugging back in?