New Releases: iOS app support for Phantom 4 Pro and Inspire 2


Has Android been updated yet to cater for the P4P ?


Yes, it currently is available for the P4 Pro.


The support site doesn’t support that. It says the android version is in development. Can we verify one or the other please?


Kara, do you know if this is at all happening? I also bought a P4P+ and would love to use DD with it!


P4P+ doesn’t work with any 3rd party apps right now due to the embedded tablet.


Hi, any News of DD on P4P+? Please I would like to know if anyone knows when a release of DD will come out fot P4P+ radio.


Its never going to happen you purchased the + and there tablet/screen only allows for the use of DJI GO 4. I was told this by the folks a DJI. I assume you can bypass the tablet and possible run a IOS or Android and just not turn on the embedded tablet? I don’t know that’s why I stay far away from the +.