New Releases: iOS app support for Phantom 4 Pro and Inspire 2


boa tarde, vc sabe se ja funciona o P4PRO com dronedeploy


I flew my first DroneDeploy mission today having waited for the Phantom 4 pro to receive support.
I flew 5 missions. Each of them produced images with a very blue hue. I had let the DroneDeploy app manage the camera setting.
Is anyone else still having this issue using the latest version of DroneDeploy?
Mapping conditions were just about perfect. No wind. Completely overcast but a decent amount of light. No snow etc.
I guess that I will try to batch process all of the images to make the maps a little less blue and next time use manual camera settings.


I’m going to try it out soon with my Phantom 4 Pro and let you know what I get.


I managed to batch convert the photos so all was not lost thankfully.
Turned out it was 3 of the 5 maps that I shot had the blue hue. The remaining two were fine.


Using IOS on Iphone 7 plus with P4Pro.

In the past you used to be able to open Drone Deploy, then power on the drone and the app would see it as connected. This does not happen with the P4Pro. In order to get the app to recognise the drone I have to kill the app, power on the controller, then the drone and then start the application. Only if I do this is the bird recognized. My issue with this is I am flying in an area with no internet and the initial start seems to require an internet connection.

Is this a bug ?


What is the status of P4 Pro support in Drone Deploy for android. I have been waiting nearly two months. Is it supported in the beta version. Many thanks


Is there a difference between the Ipad versions and the Iphone versions ?

I can fly missions fine with the Iphone version but the Ipad version has very jerky / unstable display in the camera view window which makes the flight very hard to follow.


I have flown with both my iPad Pro and Iphone 7+ and have good results on both.


They’re expecting it out soon, within the month.


Thanks Karae, I have had to resort to using datamapper for data capture which is not working so well.


I’ve got the same blue hue on my images and I have also had the software shut down on me mid flight. I’ve confirmed I am running the latest version so I feel there are still some bugs around :slight_smile:


I used the P3 pro last year a lot and didnt have any issues. With my P4 pro, I also am having issues with blue hue, (which hasnt been a total problem), but my mission fly beautifully but didn’t capture images. Very inconsistent. Wednesday, I flew two missions flawlessly, yesterday I had one mission to fly. Finally after the 5-6th time it started capturing pictures, but at 50% battery it came home. Then I couldn’t get it to work anymore with fresh batteries.
Did update DD and made sure my firmware was updated. Thanks


Agree with AJMDrone - I used the P3 Pro a lot last year and had way less hassles with it then with the P4Pro.


Hi Anya

Any news on support for the P4P+?
I just bought one and only flew it once, in South America and it gave me all sorts of problems. Compass calibration was impossible, and the flying was inconsistent.
It would be great if we could fly at the same time with the built-in screen and DD running in another device, or if we could upload DD to the screen. The built-in screen is very bright, better than any phone.


For the blue hue, To fix this I use manual settings and just change the white balance setting to auto in the dji go app before I fly.


I think P4P+ support is going to depend on whether DJI will allow 3rd party apps.


Any update on p4p Android support date . I notice it went from next week to before the end of the month. I leave for a wilderness area next Friday for some important mapping work, is there any chance?


We have just bought 3x Phantom 4 Pro, we use Android. We have multiple P4 and P3, didnt really think Android dev for DD would be an issue (it is the most common mobile OS globally - therefore should be supported as such).
We use DD daily - App and cloud. Please promptly release Android ver support for P4P & I2.


It’s coming very soon, sorry for the wait.


The other issue you will have is the P4P has a field of view of 84 degrees whereas the P3/P4 have a field of view of 94 degrees. Therefore you need to expand your flight plans to capture the same real estate as the P3/P4…