New Release: Stitching Improvements to Reduce Crop Maps with Holes

If you’ve used drones for mapping late-stage crops in seasons past, you might have received maps with holes, warped areas, or you may have had maps fail to process at all. This happens because photogrammetry — the technology used to process photos into a map — relies upon identifying unique points that appear in several different images. And when you’re mapping a large field of mature crops where everything looks the same, that’s a tall order.

After analyzing data from over 10 million acres mapped and hearing feedback from hundreds of users, we’ve made an improvement to our proprietary processing algorithm to render better late-stage field maps. We tested the new algorithm by reprocessing thousands of incomplete maps and found that the new approach generated a complete map 90% of the time and often improved the accuracy and sharpness of the map.

The processing improvement is available for all DroneDeploy users in agriculture and will run automatically for at-risk crop maps. Have questions or suggestions? Let us know below

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Please precise : any chance for our “holed” maps to be reprocessed ?

Hi cousin,

Please PM me the flights ID of your previous maps and we’re be happy to reprocess them.