New Release: Process Maps from SLANTRANGE or Sentera Imagery

There are many different hardware options to choose from when mapping crops — and now you have more freedom than ever to use the camera or sensor of their choice with DroneDeploy.

Now DroneDeploy customers can fly and capture imagery and process and interpret maps using sensors from Sentera and SLANTRANGE, all compatible with the latest DJI drones. To create a DroneDeploy map with these sensors, just install the free SLANTRANGE or Sentera application within DroneDeploy, fly using the DroneDeploy mobile app, and upload imagery to DroneDeploy for processing. Once the map is complete, you’ll be able to view, analyze and share plant health data specific to the sensor used.

  • The supported near-infrared sensors from Sentera, including the High-Precision NDVI Single sensor and the Sentera Double 4K, allow growers to create NDVI (normalized difference vegetation index) maps to accurately detect crop stress.

  • The SLANTRANGE 3p sensor captures high-resolution, calibrated, multi-spectral imagery data using patented sunlight calibration algorithms so that growers and agronomists can accurately compare crop data over time.

Check out our support documentation to learn more about how to capture and process imagery from Sentera or SLANTRANGE sensors. Have questions or feedback? Let us know in the comments below.