New ortho not in project. Can't use split-view with slider

Short story:
*Note: The word “can’t” could easily mean “haven’t figured out how to”

  • I have two flight dates on same property.
  • Only a partial set uploaded the 2nd time.
  • I cannot add images to it to complete it.
  • I can’t delete it.
  • I reuploaded all the images but that map is separate from the first. I can’t use the split-view date slider.

Longer story:
I’ve had a terrible time navigating through DD’s app and the subsequent upload process. I’ll make another thread on other specifics.

I have flown a field two times. Images from the first date uploaded fine and an ortho was created. I went back to the field and flew it again using a differently named map plan. I probably duplicated the first and renamed it with a date.

When I uploaded the images, I found the drone had stored half the images in one folder and started a new one. I uploaded those from the first folder, being sure I had seen a button before about “adding more images”. I only saw “upload” so I clicked it, expecting the ‘add’ images button to become available. However, I found that the map was being processed with less than half the images in place. The result is I have two orthos in the same project and have the option to use the split-view slider to compare dates. But I could not add more images - it seems - to the 2nd ortho. There isa button to add more images but it doesn’t seem to be what I needed to add to the 2nd map. It seemed to only create a new map of the remaining images! Augh. I could be wrong but it was hard to tell.

I chose “new upload” and proceeded to upload all the images at once. However, THAT map is now NOT nested in the same project so I can’t use the slider to view by date.
If choose the Upload tab, I get a “no pending uploads” notice.
If I click “add images”, it suggests I’m creating a new map report.

How can I fix this? By deleting all and starting over?

Update June 1, 2021 0942: I revisited my dashboard and clicked on one of the orthos. I saw an “add more images” button. I clicked on it only to find that it said all 640 of 640 were uploaded. I clicked the other ortho and found that there was no such “add more images” button. I clicked b/w the two dates in the project and found the same issue.

I find this application to be so frustrating. I have 25 years of experience in ArcGIS and various precision agriculture software packages, some online and some locally-installed.

I must be in the wrong here because I can’t imagine a company as well known as Drone Deploy having an awkward app.

So prove me wrong! I want to learn!

You can add more images during the initial upload process just by clicking images again. We’re all of your images in the same folder on your computer directory? I think the best thing since you have a lot of good detail is to email support. Please report back if you do not get prompt responses from them.