NEW mapping tool with Autel EVO 2

This new tool is AWESOME, in the Autel Explorer app… I will post a map with the EVO 2 PRO and fly the same map with P4P using DD. Keeping both with the same flight techniques as best as I can. And will post both maps here for comparison. I plan to fly and upload this weekend

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First map is EVO 2 PRO, 2nd is P4P, both flown at same AGL EVO using Autels Mapping software and P4P using DD mapping flight plan. The EVOs flight plan took almost twice as many photos.

Nice comparison. The imagery looks sharper, not as grainy from the E2P. What AGL did you fly? Did you use the same camera settings for both flights?

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These two maps don’t even look apples to apples to me. The flight plans are obviously different and from looking at the photo paths there’s no doubt why the EVO took more photos. The lighting conditions are also vastly different as you can tell from the shadows. The lighting was more directly over the P4P which is why it looks more flat with less definition on small objects. Regardless the EiiP looks awesome.

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thanks for posting, the Autel explorer app missions are good, would be even better if they supported rename of missions, and even better if you could export/move a mission from one one/tablet to another. That aside, assuming both missions were at same alt, location, and perimeter, what was the speed of the E2P (e.g. 11MPH? ) vs P4P? What did Explorer show GSD at? (e.g. .5cm/px?) What front overlap and side overlap set at? Assume you had double grid disabled? Have done some similar compare with my E2P and P4P so thus interested in what you are seeing. Now when will DD add E2P support for ios AND droid? :wink:

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You can see the routes run if you turn on the images toggle. For some reason the EiiP map image representations are way out of scale, but that’s probably just because it’s not directly supported by DroneDeploy.