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When mapping, I try to keep the aircraft in VLOS, I would like to hear a notification from the app that the aircraft is at the end of a run, or making a turn. This could be a beep or an voice notification (“turning”) letting you know this information. Also letting you know mission complete etc…


Hi @russhog,

Thanks for sharing your feature request with us. We do not condone flying without keeping your drone in sight, but I can understand how this would be a helpful feature for many.


No my point is that I do not take my eyes off the aircraft, but I would like to know when the drone makes a turn by an audible alert since i don’t want to look down at the screen to see where the drone is on the route.


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I think that’s a super idea. I often have to fly to the visible limit but also over and across tall obstacles. I have to keep my eyes on the drone to make sure it doesn’t disappear behind a mountain when approaching its start point, which is usually the furthest away from the home zone. To built on your request, it would be very helpful to get an audible cue about how close the drone is to its starting point. Audible cues like that would improve flight safety immensely.

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I agree! As I have come across larger projects I wish I had a cue that the drone was actually doing something other than going away from me. My VLOS is typically about 3000ft so sometimes when I vist those sites that can be pretty sketchy even with an observer. It’s actually kind of funny how good construction guys are with binoculars… Use to looking at racks and i’m not talking about… You dirty minds.

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