New DJI Air 3 w/ RC-N2

I am starting using drones and learning about DroneDeploy. I just got the DJI Air 3 with the RC-N2.

Is this new drone supported by DroneDeploy? The Air 2S is so I would assume this will be also compatible.

Now, how can I use the RC-N2? This remote has its own screen and is not allowing to connect a phone. I saw in one video from DroneDeploy they were planning to release an app to be use in the new remotes, but there is not much information about it and I cannot see a way to use it. Please let me know about this.

There is not much information or updates about new drones released, how can I figure this information?


The Air 3 is not supported and in my experience it is questionable whether it will be supported or not. It has what is called a quad-bayer sensor basically indicates that it has 4x 12MPsensors instead of a single 20MP which is pretty standard for mapping platforms at this level. The main issue this causes is that there is much more processing on the Drone side before the image can be stored, which slows down the write time meaning that the Drone would have to fly slower.

That said it is still up to DJI as to whether or not they are going to release the functionality in the SDK and how long that will take before DroneDeploy can even consider bringing it aboard. You might note that the Mavic air two was not adopted and had a similar make up, but that the 2S was. If anyone is going to adopt it for mapping I would suspect it would be Dronelink first.