New DD-APP version on iOS ipad crashes - How to downgrad?

I started experiencing this as well after the DJI 1.11.20 firmware update on my P3P’s. Same symptoms as well. Crashes, iPad Mini 2 getting hot and the Red 0% battery icon. What was the ambient temperature when you flew. It was in the 90’s here so I just attributed the iPad overheating to that.

I tried this in the morning (temps low 80’s) and also in the afternoon where it was a little warmer (~90’s) but both times I had the iPad in the truck with me and AC on before I flew and when I did I stayed in the shade. It certainly could be the outside temperature, but if that is the case, that really renders my drones useless for a good part of each year. Mid-day is the best time to capture orthomosaics because of the lack of shadows as I understand it. What about people who live in Phoenix?

OR, is it just the iOS platform? Do Android devices or some other compatible tablet have the same issues with heat? Swear this wasn’t a factor before the upgrade.

I live in Texas so I know exactly what you mean there. I suspect that a larger device might not experience the problem quite as badly due to the fact it’s got a larger surface area and can dissipate heat a little more easily. I thought about keeping some thin aluminum plates in my cooler to put on the back of the tablet as I go to my different missions…

I am using an android for my flights and this is also heating up unbelievably which it never did before.

Hi All - there was an update to the app that could solve that problem for many. We had an issue with our new Google Maps implementation that could take up a lot of RAM, especially for longer flights. Solved as of this release.

Syamaphantom, are you on Google Maps with Android? That will be fixed in the next release for Android.

Not sure I follow the question ? I am not on Google Maps as far as I am aware ?

Hi @syamaphantom,

I wnated to follow up with you to see if the latest update resolved your issue?

Thank you,

I believed ever since the updates of using google map, I have never successfully completed a single mission… DD team really need do something about this. DD heats up my ipad mini 2 like a frying pan now!! I used to fly thousands of acres with ease now I can’t have a decent hundred acres mission.

Hi Nipul,

After upgrading my firmware on the Phantom the Android tablet appears to have stopped heating up.


Was this with a recent firmware released by DJI?

It was the firmware from 9 June I believe, which is the most current version.