New DD app (5-25-16 release) 2 issues

Greetings, team.
Using Inspire 1 with NVIDIA Shield Tablet.
Generally impressed with the new app today. But I have a couple issues also.
1-when missions have completed in the past, I have been so impressed to see the drone come back to almost the exact spot it took off. Today with the new app, it was about 30 feet off, and I had to jump in quickly and adjust my landing so I didn’t hit a tree. Little scary.
2-I was quite surprised to see that the way to set the altitude was with a slider and no way to manually enter the exact altitude we want to survey at. We’re talking about pretty specific numbers here when it comes to safety and flight planning. I really don’t want to wiggle a slider back and forth with my hot dog finger and get “close enough” to where I want the altitude of my 5k machine to be at. Jussayin.

We do plan to let you edit the values for each of the sliders in the near future.

We don’t control where the drone comes to land. We only set a waypoint above where it took off and the drone takes over from that point forward. If it is off then it might have just been this one time or maybe the GPS was a bit off that day.