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I’m struggling with the new style dashboard. I’d like to clear the Quick Access and old folders & projects. Is there anything on Youtube yet? TIA.

Could you explain a little more about what this would do for you? Right now it is a manual process and could be much better. Especially when you have allot of projects.

Despite the fact that you can sort in several ways in doesn’t really work the way it should in respect to time. These aren’t in the order of mostly recently used/viewed or the closest in proximity to my location. @Mike_Winn @Andrew_Fraser @Jamespipe

New Chasco Dashboard

That said, in my opinion the way Quick Access function is not business friendly for sharing, collaborating and project management, but is tailored to a pilot and making it easier for them to quickly select a flight on a job site that they are at. I think it would be better to cater to the four, five or more people that are using the map than the one that uses it once or once in a while. Or at least there should be alternative Dashboard layouts. Batch moving, archiving and deleting has also been another topic of discussion. I can imagine that this is probably on the road map though…

I would try emailing support@dronedeploy .com as well to see if there is anything on the backend that they can do to make it easier.

In closing I will thank DroneDeploy for the amazing progress in the last couple of years. The Quick Access in the field is now functioning the way it was designed to and the ability to search all projects in the Organization by keyword is amazing.

Open to feedback on the new dashboard. The following is how it was designed, so let us know if that design doesn’t make sense, or if you are not seeing it work correctly in practice. I’ve included some known limitations.

Quick access:
Closest two projects within two miles of your current location (mobile only)
3->20 most recently opened projects (cross platform)
Date shown on the card is always the last captured date (or date updated for an empty project).

All Projects:
Optimised for customers to manually organize their projects into folders by region, to match internal systems and shared drives.
Folders and projects are shown in “last modified” order by default, showing that date on the cards. one challenge with that sort order is that it’s relatively easy to “modify” a project - just by opening it up - we can improve here.
I think one mode that is missing is “Last Captured” Order.

Here we search every project you have access to - enabling you to jump into a deep folder structure with ease. FIrst we provide a quick list - and you can jump directly to a project/folder, but if you want to see the full set you can hit return.

Shows the top 25 most recently updated projects within the bounds of the map. You can search for a location or just browse.
One thing that is missing here is that we do not bring your map location through to the “Create project” screen - so you have to find the location again.

The above aims to enable individual pilots and analysts to get quick access to their own recently opened or nearby projects, and for larger organizations to organize hundreds or thousands of projects in logical folders.

Quick Access on a Web Browser is the last opened, the cards under All Projects are sorted by the criteria selected as Name/Modified either Ascending or Descending.

On the iOS app QA is the 5 closest so it is a different experience.

Also, it is not always the closest because of occasional lack of precision in GNSS location. Also, as it has been mentioned in other threads the app is very slow to load or will not load the new Dashboard when connectivity is limited. The Map button does not work on my iPad Mini 5.

I’d just be happy for the old version to be reinstated. @Jamespipe, why was the option to have either/or removed? Would have been nice to be given the choice.

Hi Michael, On the iOS/Android app it shows the 2 closest, then the 2(ipad) / 20(iphone) most recently accessed.

We certainly had significant performance issues in early versions of the dashboard, as late as March this year, though we did believe we had made significant steps forward by v4.6. I note in another thread related to v4.7 there appears to be a different issue with offline usage.

Hi James, we did give folks the choice to continue using the old dashboard for over 6 months, but keeping both working and tested is a significant overhead in terms of both engineering effort, and bloat in our app and codebase. Removing the old dashboard code will allow us to streamline the application and refocus our QA and testing team.

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Much thanks! From performance and graphical standpoints there has been a definite improvement across the many devices I have tested.

Please note this issue where an apparent iOS thermal safety procedure affected the operation of the drone. I believe it was a throttling of the hardware due to extreme temperatures which you might be able to replicate, but I don’t know if there is anything DroneDeploy can due to sense when this might be happening.

You will see that I am now mitigating this risk in the future with a cooling cover for the iPad.

I assumed that was because the new dashboard was sluggish and not really appropriate to be relied upon. It wasn’t ready for release and would have been a disaster if the classic version had been taken away prematurely.

Although it has improved, it still isn’t right. Its design isn’t particularly well thought out, it takes longer to load up, it’s still sluggish to navigate and this is with me using a IPad Pro ‘20. It’s a step backwards for me and given the classic version already worked on V4, I can’t imagine what more you would have needed to do to keep it running. It was already there…unless there’s another overhaul on its way?


How can I clear/hide the Quick Access please. I find it a distraction.


I’m finding that the new dashboard has significant performance issues when you have poor connectivity and/or hot iPads. Flew three flights this morning, first two went off fine. I couldn’t fly the third (ok, technically I only flew two flights) because I couldn’t interact with the app due to communication issues. I tried this on both my iPad Mini 4 and my iPhone XS. Would have tried the iPad Pro but no USB C to USB A cable. It is on order, now.

I set all three flights for offline access and cached them before leaving the office. Just came to the point where the app spun and wouldn’t display projects. It clearly needed a network connection to download project information that I didn’t need right then.

Can we please get an option to turn off the quick access and reduce the overhead to get the mobile app running. There should be an offline mode, that loads all projects set to offline and doesn’t need any connectivity to run those projects.

Please test against hot equipment and low connectivity. This is where we work. I’d love to work in an air conditioned office with high speed connectivity, but the corn wouldn’t grow well there.

Also, can we get rid of the auto sort on projects. Or at least give me the option to turn it off.

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I still experience the same myself except for the fact that I never push plans offline. Offline mode is supposed to be built in so that was the intention, but obviously it’s not working. The plan is supposed to be cached when the device sync’s from a good connection and remain available.

On the other note something that should be part of offline mode is the intelligence to turn off unessential graphics. Talking to the server to show a thumbnail of the most recent map is quite unneeded in any scenario in my opinion. One static image that is easily cached would be just fine. Have you tried the list view instead of the thumbnails?

I prefer the list view. How are you dealing with locations that have low or no connectivity?
I like to check the bird with DJI before every mission, so this requires restarting DD. When I’m in no con zone it becomes an issue.

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Luckily between all my devices (phone, tablet, truck) I have some sort of signal pretty much all the time. I live in Austin though so I am pretty fortunate. If the Pad’s not working I just hotspot off of something else. Always pays to have a backup that may be stronger. If all else fails it’s pretty easy to create something on the fly if you have done your reconnaissance. If I created it once online I should be able to duplicate it pretty well offline. GPS doesn’t go away.

Like you I carry multiple devices, but that doesn’t help when there are no towers in the area. We’re talking BFE here.

My issue has been with getting the app to load. I’m not able to create a mission on the fly if I can’t get the app running. What ever they have done it hangs until it has loaded the project list and I’m guessing, the project data. That’s something that should be stored locally and updated if a connection is available. Guess I’m going to have to load and keep DD running on one device and check the bird with DJI on another device. Will have to run tests on this.

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