New Clients

I tried to map 40 acres from 150ft with 80% overlap and it is terrible! I went around and took more shots at lower levels. I was trying to appeal to a large firm, but to be honest I was embarrassed to show them. It makes it really hard for people to bring new revenue to DD when the quality is so disappointing. DD should offer at least one big mission to help us little guys grab that new big client to help both of us. You make it really difficult to grow with your free software. I would pay for the monthly subscription if i had the opportunity to grab that big client, but it seems like it is possible the way things are now. DD started as a small company at one point and now its difficult for small companies to even use your software. I have been using DD for several years, and it would be to give us 1 chance chance to grab that big client since we both can benefit from it. The way it sits now I am going to use some other resources to help me hook up that big client. If anyone has some help or suggestions I am definitely open to them.


Frustrated User

250’ AGL with 75/80 overlaps. Can you provide a link to the map?


The map was shot from 150’ AGL and the overlap was 80. Let me know if this link works?


That’s the mission ID that DroneDeploy uses, can you share the regular link?

You can join Pro for a month and use those features to secure new clients. Many people start that way.

Thanks, I will take a look at this when I get home. Usually you can tell where the shots were out of alignment or missing.