New Camera Check Problem

I think the check is great, but still having problems. First I wanted to fly without my DJI camera on to save weight and just use my 3rd party SlantRange Camera. I went into the settings and flipped the toggle to 3rd party camera, created my map and tried to fly. I get a warning saying camera not detected do I want to proceed. I clicked yes, but then the circle for the camera just stayed unchecked and wouldn’t load any waypoints.

I then tried it a couple of more times without any luck. I then connected the camera and was able to fly. My SlantRange of course captured images, but the DJI camera did not. If I select 3rd party camera can the DJI camera still not capture pictures? I will test today with just the DJI camera and see if it collects pictures.

I think this is a bug that was introduced last release. It should be fixed in the release coming this week.