Needing a NDVI compatible with Phantom 3 Pro

I have just bought a Phantom 3 Pro which I plan to use in precision agriculture in the Philippines. The unit I bought does not come with a NDVI camera and really needs one for the purpose. I’ve checked the internet and cost of this camera is way too expensive. Does anybody knows a good source of reconditioned NDVI camera that can be fitted to Phantom 3 pro? Or is it possible to modify the stock camera to have NDVI capability. I am just starting in this field and at the moment the cost of a new NDVI camera is not possible for me. Many farmers in the Philippines very high field variability and I would like to help them achieve better yields through precision agriculture.

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Hi @marcelo,

I personally don’t have any sources to share for refurbished or lower priced NDVI cameras. However, I must note that using any modified equipment may result in issues. I suggest taking a look at our support article Modified NDVI cameras for DJI for some more details.


Hi Marcelo,
Did you get a solution for this?
I am in the same dilemma, in Kenya.

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You can find lenses to swap the stock cameras with here:

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