Need suggestion about video editing app

For my covers I use an old and very minimal video editing software called VideoPad. it works but it’s very limited ; it’s somewhat the Audacity of the video world
I’m looking for a different video software and ideally like inshot pro I would like :

  1. an easy way to sync the audio and the video tracks
  2. a multicam function : I would sync several video tracks (one time each) and be able to switch from one to another during the song
  3. good color / white balance / contrast / brightness corrections
  4. a free software if possible (or cheap at least)

it’s not a vital need but at some point I could like to upgrade from VideoPad so, I’m open to your suggestions ! thanks !

We use Cyberlink PowerDirector. $99 perpetual license. Most of our video is projects in progress so just simple cuts, titles and fades but it is obviously capable of much more and is super easy to manage audio timing. It has a built in audio editor as well.