Need some help with “focal point altitude” for photos and video plan

Doing a photo plan and video for the first time in DroneDeploy. How does the focal point altitude work? It says it affects camera angle. If I want to fly at 200 feet and capture photos and videos a building, what do I set the focal point altitude to? Thanks!

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The FPA or as other programs call it POI (Point Of Interest) is the point to which all camera positions will turn. You can adjust that from 0 and up to change the pitch of the camera. Personally I don’t ever change it from zero and actually have in a couple of requests to allow it to go negative because when you are flying the perimeter of projects under 40-50ac it captures way too much sky.

Thanks. So if I leave it at 0 the camera will still be angled down enough to capture the subject?

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Zero is the only height that I’ve been able to use that is steep enough to capture short distance subjects. It really depends upon how far your perimeter is from the focal point and your altitude. That’s why I usually takes a 40 or 50 acres site to get the main subject in the center of the frame. In my opinion some of the best perspective shots are between 30 and 45 degrees. Doing the math and you’re 200 ft away you need to be 150 to 200 feet in the air and so on. This is problematic on the larger sites because you can only fly at 400 feet, but you might be a thousand feet from the subject.