Need real-time BIM augmentation in the Ground app

The Ground app really needs some kind of BIM AR feature built into it.

I’m sure the desktop BIM Compare feature will retain some limited use, but the real goal needs to be targeted at site/project managers. They need to be able to get the BIM augmented onto the mobile device’s camera feed to check for immediate installation compliance.

The best part is since the BIM would require some form of real-world registration for accurate alignment, the Ground app would now know precisely where in 3D space it is. i.e. both the level and the room for placing a marker on the plan overlay.
This would then mean that the Ground app Photo feature could be used to capture the as-built and the BIM overlay at the same time as a progress check.
e.g. point towards a wall that has services rough-ins and a BIM overlay, then capture it.

Furthermore, since you have BIM data, you also have all the useful element metadata. This provides additional benefits to the user should they need to access it, and, that data could be used with any DD AI systems for further analysis with the photo.

You should look at other products like Gamma AR that are doing the AR component well. It would complement DD nicely.


I second this point. furthermore, this is yet another reason why it would be fantastic if you could bring ALL DD features to the iPad, so that viewing projects in the field, site / project managers can use their latest ipad pro’s to view all the rich data that they have access to back in the office from their desktop computer.

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