Need organization system for flight plans and completed missions

As a farmer, I will be flying my fields multiple times every season. I am a medium size farmer and have over 60 unique fields. Within the agriculture world, all the companies have settled on an organization system that identifies a given field by Grower / Farm / Field structure tree. And within each Field, events are further sorted into Year. This makes it very easy to rapidly organize and locate information.

As far as I can tell, the easiest way in the current website and App to pull up a given map/mission is to use the search function to type in the field name (I name all my mission using field name and date) and then select the appropriate map. This certainly works, but it seems to me that it would be better to allow users to create folders and then move missions and plans into whatever folder they like. This would keep the Dashboard list clean for anyone with lots of maps. Even processing a modest 10-20 maps per month will quickly make my Dashboard list very cumbersome to navigate outside of the search function.

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I agree, at any given time I could have 10-15 missions planned and over 100 various other maps that have been completed. I work for a General Contractor and I have categories of missions to manage. Thanks.

Missions to fly
Preconstruction Topographic Surveys
Project in Progress Surveys
Asbuilt Surveys