Need battery indicator during flight

When capturing larger sets of data I need to return home and replace the battery then resume route. It would be great if I could monitor the battery life in real-time using the iOS version of the app so I know exactly when I need to send the drone home.

It looks like this broke recently. We’re pushing an update right now to fix a few of the small bugs we’ve found in the latest release.

That’s great. I look forward to the updates. Also, when using the mission planner in the web browser I can’t select the Zemuse X5. If I setup the mission through the iOS app the correct camera is selected but if setup through the web app and synced the camera is incorrect and after syncing later it does not update.

Thanks. We’ll add it.

At the moment, due to this not being implemented, when you connect your X5 in the field, the flight lines get adjusted to make sure that you get the proper coverage. We’ll be adding more support for better offline planning in the near future.

Also consider adding 16:9 aspect ratio as an alternative to 4:3. The Zemuse X5 is capable of 16:9 which could reduce the number of images needed to stitch when doing larger areas.

We use the 4:3 ratio at the moment because it contains more total pixels. We haven’t experimented much with 16:9.