Need area shown in Metric units

In Norway, we use metric units. That is meter,m, m2 and m3.

Dronedeploy uses “ha”, which is 100 m2. WHY? Nobody in Norway knows what “ha” men’s, and I have to explain them every time.


Isn’t a hectare 10,000 m2? Perhaps that’s why the larger measurement for reporting. We have a slightly different problem with acres in the fact that anything over 30,000 ft2 reports an acreage in DroneDeploy when we construct many things with larger square footages that we don’t want expressed in the acreage format.

According International System of Units Are is equal to 100 m² and Hect - a Greek word - is designated to multiply to 100. If the meter is the official unit in your country it’s easy,


I don’t know how measurements are referred to in countries that use metric (or regionally), but a hectare encompasses 10,000 square meters. Essentially a box with 100 meter sides which may be what you are eluding to.

That’s probably right. But why use “ha” ?

I use the dronedeploy report as documentation to get paid for asphalt.

Regular price is NOK 150 per m2.

Now I can not use the dronedeploy report. I have to divide the area so that they are less than 1000 m2. Then the unit becomes m2

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I agree, reporting needs a good bit of refinement and better capability to be modified by the user. I just hope they consult us when doing so.