Nadir 90 gimbal angle and high winds

I have a Phantom 4 Pro V2. It turns out that the gimbal was broken, and I just got the drone back with it repaired.

Before the gimbal was repaired, I was getting oblique images that showed the reverse horizon because the drone was flying into a headwind. I was attempting to fly in moderate winds (I’m guessing about 15 mph).

Sorry for the simple question, but does setting the gimbal angle to -90 degrees automatically adjust the angle to acount for the drone flying in wind? I couldn’t easily find an answer by searching the forum, so I thought I’d ask.


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If the gimbal is calibrated and working properly it should be able to compensate and keep the camera down but the main thing we watch for is gusts. It can be 10mph on the ground and 20mph at mission altitude but there can be 30-40mph gusts which push the drone to a point where it cannot compensate quickly enough and the data tagged can become inaccurate. This happens with pretty much every 3-axis gimbal. I have even seen the camera itself get blown around when the drone isn’t exhibiting much of problem. If you look at the tags with something like ExifTool or it’s version baked into Geosetter you can see the values for all 3 axis and determine how bad the movement was.

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That’s what I was thinking. Hopefully the gimbal repair will help in the future

Thanks for the reponse!

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