N.body.includes is not a function

Summary of Issue:

When uploading local directory to the dashboard https://www.dronedeploy.com/app2/dashboard , only thing I get is following error message:

TypeError: n.body.includes is not a function

I’m using the hello-world sample zipped application downloaded from https://dronedeploy.gitbooks.io/dronedeploy-apps/content/ using exactly the approach described in the video.

Date Issue Began:

Now (2017-11-01)

Mobile Device Model and OS version:

Linux 64bit, Google Chrome 62.0.3202.75

It’s probably failing at this check

  if (!file.body.includes('<head>')) {
    throw new Error(escapeHtml('index.html must contain a <head></head> tag'));

So maybe your index.html doesn’t have a body? Maybe some extra file included? Could this be something specific to Linux?

Aha, thanks for the hint. I’ve removed the backup file .index.html.un~ (done by my VIM instance) and the .DS_Store file (I assume, created by Dronedeploy) and it seems to help.

Will let you know in case, if not.