My usual flight plans time change today

In my factory i have been using same flight plans for 2 years. Today at the field, when I select my same plan, i see that my plans timing was increased. Do you know the reason?
(Phantom pro 4 v2)

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Go to Advanced Settings and look for which drone the system is using as the Planning Camera. I bet it is on a Mavic 2 Pro. They take longer to capture the same overlaps because of the narrower FOV.

I selected phantom pro 4 v2.
For example my plan 15:55 min flight plan.
When I connect my drone My plan flight time 18:05
So I need to change side***, altitude, or shorten my route.
But this was happened today

That is strange. If it defaulted to Mavic and you connected a Phantom the time should drop and the spacing of the lanes would become wider. It’s 15:55 on the desktop and the tablet until you connect the drone?

Yes, true.
I was using my same 15 flight plans for 2 years. All my plans is 15:30-16:00 min. for 1 batt.
But today I saw that I need 2 batt for my each flight plan.

My flight plans was set 8m/sec for each flight. When my drone went to first point of thie mission, it’s speed was over 15 m/sec, also same when RTH. too fast.
What was changed?

Have seen similar over the past month or so with a P4P in addition to other bugs introduced with the 4/16 release.

Yes true. But how did you solve this problem?

9 May 2021 Paz 21:43 tarihinde greg schulz via DroneDeploy <> şunu yazdı:

Just for clarification what version is that actually?

Made sure I had enough battery time to fly the longer than planned mission.

Drone deploy version is 4.43.0. The latest one.
Last week, when i prepared drone for flight, i shocked. I started to change flight missions quickly at field. :((

10 May 2021 Pzt 00:04 tarihinde Michael Lambert via DroneDeploy <> şunu yazdı:

Version 4.43 for android

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