My first map (a football stadium) looks way too choppy

Over the weekend I shot my first map with the intent of creating a 3D structure. It’s a football stadium, but the rendering came out really poor. I tried uploading photos numerous ways – both terrain and structure, with and without the Chrome turbo feature. But nothing seems to make it look good.

Here is a link:

You can see the stadium overhang gets very choppy and the scoreboard is essentially chopped off. I shot a full round of straight down images, then two more circles around the stadium at different heights, one at a 45 degree angle and one more level.

Any ideas why this could have been? I’d like to try again but I don’t want to repeat the same results.

Can you give us any information about your overlap settings, height, time of day, did you get any of the horizon in the 45’s? I would also imagine the software may have a little issue with the glass skylights in the overhang.

Also, and I am going to feel like my dad here, but make sure that you are not going to get yourself in trouble by flying over the Ducks stadium.

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Is there a way to see the overlay settings after I’ve uploaded the map? As for the horizon, it’s just out of the frame on the straight-on and 45-degree photos. Would keeping the horizon in-frame help?

It was overcast and I shot midday, kept it between 200 and 300 feet for all shots.

I do not think you can pull them up afterwards. The more overlap the better, as I typically shoot for a minimum of 80/80 overlap. 300’ may be a tad high and I always try to keep my elevations the same as much as possible. In terms of horizon, you want to keep them out of the pictures as much as possible. They mess with the stitching logic (as I have read). I am sure you have read this, but if not:

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I’m almost positive I dropped the overlap well below 80 in trying to speed things up. Thanks for the extra info!