My first flights without successful stitching

I live and fly in Eastern Spain. These days I´ve been flying some missions. After uploading the pictures and waiting for them to be processed, I´ve got some failures in all the flights, so the results are not valid. I even repeated a flight to see if they were improved with the last release.
I am using a P3P upgraded to official firmware version 1.2.6 and after upgraded to developer firmware P3X_FW_V01.02.0004.bin from DroneDeploy (It updated several modules as I can see in the P3X_FW_LOG_AB log)
Is there anything I can do to make some test flights and get valid results?

Did you update only the drone to the latest sdk or the drone and remote ?
If both are updated are you using the latest beta version 6 for android and running android 4.4+ ? Can you check the memory card to make sure it has all images and that they are not currupt ? Using a wrong memory card on your drone can cause faulty image files
Its a good practice to always upload from a desktop computer to the site directly

I updated Phantom3 and remote. In the P3_FW_GS_LOG file I got:
[1435836866.389299] RC upgrade log:
[1435836875.6606 ] start upgrade 13
[1435836896.39364 ] success

I am using beta version 6 (I have Version 1.0.4 in the App)
and Google Nexus 5 with Android 5.1

I upload all the images from my desktop PC and my SD card is the one DJI sent with my P3P

Maybe I am not using the correct parameters for the mission. Actually I have:
Drone Endurance (minutes) 18
Battery Capacity (mAh) 4480

Planning GSD (cm/px) 3
Vertical altitude (m) 50
Frontlap (%) 70
Sidelap (%) 80
Size (m) 150

Not sure if they are correct ones

Hi Antonio,

I’m sorry to hear that you’re having these issues. Our engineers have noticed the problems and have been trying to figure out what is causing them. Would you be free to jump on a Skype or hangout with one of them?

I’ll send you an email to arrange this.

Hi Antonio,

All your maps are reprocessing now and a few of them have already finished successfully.


After my conversation with Chase, he has figured out the problem. Now I can see some maps and the results are very good. Thank you very much for your help.
Keep the good work.

Are there any ghosting or artifActs in the stitching because im seeing this in all types of hight settings

@chasemgray Can you tell me what front and sidelap percentages the normal and high overlap mode correlated with in the new app version released today?

If you want high overlap I’d add an additional 10%-15% to both front and sidelap.

Ok. Got it thanks. In the old app that did not show side and overlap percentage in numerical form, what was the standard front and sidepap when high overlap mode was not selected?