My first drone

What was your first drone guys?

DJI Phantom Vision 2+, purchased in 2015.

DJI phantom 3 Advanced, purchased november 2015.

The DJI Phantom Vision 2+ was also my first drone

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They’ve come so far since then.

The vision 2, with gopro attached… oh the fisheye and post processing :confounded:

Yep, I certainly don’t miss the post-processing with the fisheye effect. Here’s the first photo I ever took with my Vision 2+, I wanted to get it up while in Iceland and didn’t bother with editing:

Been to that church! During my visit it would have been tough with the wind and drizzle :slight_smile:

Yeah, my last visit (this past June) was foggy and overcast. Who would’ve thought that November has more ideal conditions for flying, even if there’s 6 hours of daylight?