My feature wish list

  1. Allow the user to see coordinates in DMS (34º23’45.65”) as well as degrees/decimal (34.365º). Most photo programs display the EXIF data as DMS, not degree/decimal. This would make it much easier to correlate photos to point in the DD maps.
  2. Allow user to place location marker using entered coordinates, instead of placing the marker and then moving it around until the coordinates are right. This would speed up workflow tremendously.
  3. Allow user to change photo settings in the program. Then they would not need to change programs (to DJI or Litchi, say) to continue flying after the mapping is done, but when they want RAW images.
  4. Allow user to calibrate drone compass in the program.
  5. Allow user to set the start point on a mapping flight without resetting the flight direction, which is clumsy and often creates excess flight legs that have no images.
  6. Allow the user to start a new flight even though the previous flight was not completed. I would like to ignore the fact that a previous week’s monitoring flight was cut short for some reason, and fly a new complete flight this week. Sometimes, I truncate a flight because of changed conditions, weather, or whatever, but I still want to fly a complete mission the next week without having to complete last week’s truncated flight. The completion of a week-old flight is meaningless in periodic monitoring projects.
  7. Allow users to deselect all annotations by clicking on the box circled below. This would let us select a single (or a few) annotations for copying to other maps without having to deselect all the unwanted annotations one-at-a-time. Often, I just want to copy a single item to other maps, and I have to deselect 20 other annotations to do this. That’s a hassle.
  8. Enable terrain following on Android devices. (PLEASE!)

For my way out there wish list:

  1. Allow users to select areas by clicking on similar colors, etc., like one can do to create masks in Photoshop.
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Awesome list. Thanks for sharing!

Entering markers not only be hand key, but batch import from CSV/SHP?DXF would be very helpful. While DD.DDDD is preferred over DDMMSS in most design programs DDMMSS would be helpful when matching plats and construction documents to the map in DroneDeploy.

At least the ability to control exposure. The low light setting does a good job by changing the ISO from 100 to 400 and keeping the images crisp, but we find it much more effective for the tie-points to post-process the images in an editing software like ACDSee.

This already exists.

So you are saying start in the middle of a run or project if you desire and then have it wrap back around? You need to contact support about the missing images piece. It has been showing up more recently. What gear do you use?

Are you not able to Reset the flight? Or are you trying to save the uncompleted portion?

This has been a request for quite a while. Make sure to search for the terms and add your two cents. That’s the only way these issues are going to take priority. Get the comment count up!

Definitely part of the roadmap, but it needs to be fixed on iOS first.

As in pick a color and have the program create area or volume annotations?

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Enable calibration of maps to a known location. Much as we can do for an elevation. That way, every map would show exactly the same location centered as we go through the dates of maps. As it is, a particular point on one map can be off significantly from where it is displayed on a previous or more recent map.

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Make sure to visit this topic as well and vote.