Must exit DD app and re-enter to get all the checks for next flight

I’m flying a P3A and app running on Android Google Nexus 5.

So the first mission after opening the app will plan/run just fine. The problem arises when attempting to launch a 2nd flight. For both “Resume” flights for 2 battery missions and for new unique missions, if I attempt to fly without fully closing the DD app, the pre-flight checklist will not complete. It’s not that it fails any of the checks - it is that it doesn’t complete the check at all. No messages are displayed and my only recourse is to return to the dashboard.

Prior to the latest Android update, the item that would not clear was “Controller”. I got the app update last night and tried again today. Now the item that fails to complete is “Settings”.

I identified a workaround previously. I close out the app fully and then re-start it. As long as I do that, I will quickly clear all the checks and away we go with the mission. Just a little cumbersome to have to close and re-open the app between every mission.

Hi Brent_Rendel,

I apologize for the issues you are experiencing. Our best practice is to close any other apps running on your Android when using the DroneDeploy app. This also includes closing the DJI app. This can potentially remedy what you experiencing with the pre-flight checklist.

Next week, we are releasing many fixes that address issues with the drone communicating with the Android.

Just to verify, are you using the latest firmware on your P3A? It is v1.10.90.

No problem. Bugs happen.

The only thing running on this device when I have the problem is Drone Deploy. I only start up the DJI Go app if I am doing non-photomosaic stuff. And my device is set with no default apps - I select/start the app to use each time I start flying (I set it up that way to avoid any app conflicts).

Current on DJI P3A firmware.

SAME PROBLEM IN THE Phantom 3 Pro using iPhone 7 but had the white screen with “pictures successfully uploaded” (or something similar) as I didn’t want to do a screen shot while it was flying. NO MAP while flying mission at 385’! I hope the update fixes it!!!