Multispectral image processing error

We want to identify the cause for the content below.

The route we flew is shown below.
We set the photomap (2D) path through the DJI GS PRO app.
You mentioned that the flight path spacing, or density, was too high. In the picture below, the front overlap ratio is 75% and the side overlap ratio is 65%.
We want to know if this overlap ratio is too high to process the photo.
And if it’s too dense, we’d like to know how flying with a certain overlap ratio would be fine for processing.

With regard to multispectral drone image processing, we want to know if there is a problem with the drone picture itself.

When we photographed multispectral drones, the network communication was frequently cut off, so we split the route and fly.
Therefore, there are overlapping parts of the two paths, where the photographing points were very close to each other.
So please check if the image processing problem was caused by the photographs at these very close points.

Finally, I need to use the dji gs pro app to take a photo with multispectral drones right now.
I think it would be very useful to be able to take multispectral shots even on Dronedeploy platfoam.

Have you emailed support? They will need to look in the processing and which none of us as users have the ability to do.

I previously sent the issue through support email.

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