Multiple Square footage measurements, see photo

Hey guys,

I currently use a program (cloud based) called GoIawn. We are in the landscaping industry. We use this to measure the square footage of mulch, grass, parking lots, sidewalks, etc. It is a GREAT measuring program, but all of the photos for our area from plane fly overs are WAY out of day 10+ years.

We need the ability to measure as this program does, but on up to the moment maps that we take with our drone. Drone Deploy has this ability now, but its very basic. Example, we would need to be able to measure all of the turf (and hopefully have it totaled) for us on say a 60 acre site. Then the mulch, then the pavement, etc. Ideally, like with GoIlawn we could modify the colors of these measurements for each type of surface, or even within that family of surfaces. An example would be, we measure the turf, and that’s all green, however we have one area where a mower should not be used, so we make that red for the crews to know what to use on that slope.

Is there anyone out there that can do something like this? I wish I could import my maps into GoIlawn as they really have the measuring stuff down, but the images are HORRIBLE!

If this were made, I know a lot of folks who would be interested.

Very interesting, thanks for sharing this. I believe this could be possible with our current APIs. Even if it wasn’t Gollawn who makes it. Do you have a contact there you can share?

On the other hand, what do you do with the data once you get it? Do you export it in some type of format?

Thanks, it would be amazing if we could! As far as a contact the Owners name is Mikie Rorie, but I have spoken to their tech department a few times who says they cant import drone maps into their system.

In regards to what we do, we use it for the following:

-Square footage of turf, and how much of it to be cut with each mower type (walk behind, ride on, push mower) then we use those production #'s to create a proposal

-Square footage of mulch (again used to estimate material for proposal)

-Square footage of lots for plowing proposal

-Linear foot of edging around garden beds and linear feet of sidewalk for edging/clearing snow.

Lastly we use it to identify all types of areas for our crews both plowing and maintenance. Examples: where to plow snow, where fire hydrants are, areas that need extra salt, handicapped spaces that require extra attention etc. For maintenance: Areas that get mowed bi-weekly, monthly or what type of mower to be used. Any areas that require specific attention like SWMP’s etc.

As you can see, its very useful for us, but we do many new properties, and their maps are outdated so we can usually only use it on older properties since they haven’t changed much since the 2006 aerial photos were taken. It really sets us back.

If we could figure a solution that would be great!

Thanks for your attention to this matter.