Multiple 360 Images Without Landing

Hello, I have a client that would like multiple 360 images taken at a site. I have only ever made a couple of 360 images, and I’m wondering if it is possible to do multiple 360 images without landing between each one?


Hi @YVRMark, welcome! Once you connect to the drone you can enter Manual Flight on the bottom left. It will allow you to take as many images, videos as panos as you have battery for without landing in between. You can also run a map flight and when it is done hit pause and start doing panos.

Hi @MichaelL, thanks for the information. I like programing the 360 shots because then the flight plan is saved and I can reuse the flight plan for future 360 images and they will be taken at the same GPS coordinates and altitude every time I take the shot.

I haven’t tried flying manually yet to take the 360 shots, but I am assuming there is no way to match the exact coordinates for future photos that I’d like to take from the exact same spot when you are flying manually. Is that correct?

You can also plan individual mission and add each one to the Queue in the flight screen. You can do this while in flight as well.

@MichaelL, this looks like exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much!

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Too bad you cant do panos, as well as mission chaining with android, only ios.

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I don’t see a Feature Request specific to that so post it and let’s get the view count up…

I hope you are kidding right? A feature request needed to have feature function parity across devices? Or is DD just ios centric?

Not kidding and the fact is that in many tech arenas iOS is always first developed. My point is that we (they) have a large queue of enhancements and we could perhaps affect priority.

Ah, oh, ok, makes sense with the DD centricity, too bad… Concur that in some tech areas ios is first, meanwhile for others, droid is 1st, yet for others they co-release, similar to other platforms in different tech areas. Otoh, there are some organizations across diff tech areas that tend to focus on primarily one platform vs. others, some due to preference, others due to what or how they architect and/or implement. At least with DD, the mapping functions are not platform dependent and hope they stay that way.