Multi-battery Altitude

I’d like to clarify a couple of related questions:

  1. Is altitude above the point the UAV takes off, or is switched on? Say I switched it on, then decided to move a little before launch, which also incurred a change of elevation. Where’s zero?

  2. Doing multi-battery flights, I assume I can launch from different points, particularly if I was doing a long linear area. What happens when the second launch point is at a different elevation? Perhaps it needs to be launched from the same point as it landed with the previous battery? Or the original launch point (hope not!)? Or does it not matter that the drone will be shooting from a different altitude? Or maybe the drone must always return to the DD launch point, i.e. I cannot manually fly after shooting’s finished? A lot of possibilities!


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Hi @IanC

  1. The altitude is taken from the take-off location of the drone. Where the drone takes off is 0. Always make sure to listen out for the audio message saying the home location has been updated on the map.

  2. You can launch for different locations, but the launch and landing of each location will be the same. This ties into the answer above, you will need to make sure that you hear that audio message saying the home point has be updated on the map. If you have not already done so, I would check out our mapping large areas support page if you have any additional questions!


Thanks Erika. That’s useful, but doesn’t completely answer the questions in my mind!

So if I programme an altitude of 100m, will this be 100m above each launch point (so quite likely different absolute altitudes), or will the altitude for all flights be 100m above the first launch point?

And does it matter if nadir photos are shot from different altitudes in one mission? Actually, I assume not, as I think you have a ‘terrain follow’ feature in beta. I did ask to partake in this some weeks ago, but have heard nothing?

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Yes it is 100m above each launch point.

It is ok for the pictures to be shot from different altitudes. You should still get a map if you have reasonable front and side overlaps for each mission.