Moving data from trial account

I have data in my trial account that I would like to move to my pro (business) account, how can I do that?

Thank you


Hi Kobush,

Please contact our support team using the support button in app, while signed in as your business user. They will be able to move your maps across.



It is not clear how to do it. When I click on the Support button – there’s a video and links to various places, but nowhere to send a message to support, apart from “Launch chat Support” which tells me it a paid feature and wants me to select the Pro plan that I am already on. Very confusing.



hi Kobus,

Sorry for the confusion. Please send an email to from the original account (so we know that the original owner of the data is ok with it), and include the email for your Business account. One of our support team members will be happy to help.