More Granular Sharing Controls

In many cases a customer may be paying for an orthomosaic but not a surface model or 3D model. When creating a link to share and the option to control more specifically what will be visible using the link. Checkboxes maybe for:

Orthomosaic (RGB)
Plant Health
3D Model

And only allow exports for those selected work products or even also add the ability to toggle export off/on.

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You should be able to auto-export the exact thing that they are allowed?

For enterprise users its called an analyst account. It costs money but it allows you to control all the access to the analyst users.

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What access control options does it give you specifically?

How much does it cost (in addition to the enterprise account subscription?)

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It gives the client full editing rights to the map just as we have. They just can’t fly You would have to speak with DroneDeploy. Enterprise accounts are scalable.