Monthly fee

Hello, just starting to get involved in volume mapping and I most likely won’t need to use Dronedeploy every month. I assume I can just pay for a month at a time when I need to use it.

I’d also like to ask this. I’m not going to be able to justify a monthly subscription as I’m not making any money from this, and possibly never will. However if required for personal interest work where I have to pay for like a large area then I would do that on a time-by-time basis.

Take a look here:

Can I purchase one month of DroneDeploy?

When you subscribe to DroneDeploy, you can select annual or monthly payments. If you select monthly payments, you will be enrolled for automatic payments at the start of each month. You can discontinue your subscription at any point in time by cancelling your subscription before the next recurring payment. However, by downgrading or cancelling your subscription you will lose functionality (such as data exporting, analysis capabilities or resolution) in accordance with your new subscription plan, or free Explorer plan.

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I have cancelled my subscription for the winter months; it’s too cold to fly anyway. I still have access to the maps I have flown, but have lost functionality such as volume calculations, etc just as @dragonflyAS has noted.