MMC launches 7.3 inch 5km GCS

Micromulticopter LTD recently launched a new handhold multi-rotor GCS——Etlas Mobile, which is a new generation of industrial handhold ground station system that combines functions of remote, computer, image transmission, antenna and monitor, and features integrated, compact and lightweight design.


Size (LWH)- 320x142x54mm

Weight- 1.2kg

Operating System- Android 7.1, Six-Core Processor

Screen- 7-Inch Touch Screen

Battery- 11.1V,8000mAh

Video Output- HDMI

Transmission Distance- 5km

Working Temperature- -20℃~55℃

Resoultion- 1920*1200

Max Brightness- 1200nit

Touch Screen- Max. 5-point Simultaneous Touch


Battery Life- 5 Hours

Welcome any questions from you.

Besides custom builds, please provide what models of UAV it is compatible with.