Missions Won't Show Up On My Dahsboard

Once I sign in to the app on my desktop and the Dashboard comes up, the list of missions never shows up. I just keep getting the “waiting” circle. I’m using Firefox, but I thought that was one of the recommended browsers. I don’t have any problems on a friends computer who is using Chrome, but I’d rather not switch just to use DroneDeploy.


Did you already try signing out and signing back in?

Yes. I’ve actually had the problem for several days, so I’ve signed in and out many times.

I’m wondering if this is an Internet connectivity issue? I’ve been seeing this and once someone resets the router or reconnects, it’s resolved. Hopefully this helps.

I wouldn’t think it’s a connection issue. The friend I mentioned is a co-worker on the same server and internet connection.

Ok, just checking because it can be the case. Has Chase’s suggestion helped?

No. Like I said, I’ve been having the problem for several days so I’ve signed in and out many times.

I wonder if it’s something the page is storing that is somehow messed up. Can you try using Firefox’s private browsing to log in?

Just tried that. No luck.

Also, since IE is already on my computer, I tried it. Couldn’t even get to the dashboard. Once I logged in, I got an entire “blank” page with the “waiting” circle. No dashboard panel, no map, nothing.

Now I have a new problem. I can’t even log in. I click on log in and all I see is the world map.No log-in screen, no dashboard, just the map.

Please help!

I found a way to make it work even though I don’t like it. I opened the page using Chrome. I was using Firefox with the problems described in the OP. I had also tried IE and that did even less. Surely DroneDeploy isn’t set up to only work with Chrome. That wouldn’t make much sense.

Dronedeploy does work best in Chrome. There shouldn’t be major issues in Firefox so we’ll make sure to double check that everything is working. I would never recommend IE to anyone for any reason :slight_smile:

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Thanks to Dronedeploy Support the problems were fixed by resetting FireFox.

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