Missions need to be identified by date flown and not date mission is created in DD

Currently, you are identifying a map with the date of the mission plan. I like to pre-design my flights on the website for use later when I get out to the field. The flight rarely occurs for me on the same date as the planning. I have now learned that your system identifies completed mission maps based on the date the mission was planned rather than the date flown.

You’ve provided us with a way to edit the Map name, but no way to change the date assigned. My workaround has been to include the date of the flight in my map name, but the drop-down list only shows mission planning dates to select from. An additional workaround for me is that I have created master plans for a given field area, but never fly off that plan. I only pull up the master and create a copy in the field right before I fly. That copy has the correct date for the mission which follows through to the date assigned to the map.

I should be able to make the system work for me going forward using these work-arounds, but it would be nice if you could modify the system to assign the date based on the flight log date or allow users to assign/edit the map date.

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This would be nice. I current label my missions as (project number)(project name)(6-digit date flown).

Example: 16051 CR258 042417