Mission won't start 4.72.0 iOS 15 Iphone 6s and Xs Max

Hello everyone, after a couple of months of being grounded I tried to start a mission today, but my Mavic Pro wouldn’t take off. After I press the green button the app shows “Iitializing Drone…” and then it doesn’t do anything else.The app on android takes off fine (4.71.0) but there’s no terrain awareness which I require.

Has anyone had this sort of trouble and is there a fix for it?


Same here, supposedly 4.73 is coming out next week sometime and supposedly it fixes the issue. We’ll see.

Good to know I’m not alone. But it’s sad there’s not a way to roll back to older versions

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From my experience, UgCS and dronelink both provide better terrain awareness but even the SRTM data averages a vertical accuracy of 10 meters. If you require flying at low elevations you are better off making your own elevation maps and importing into UgCS or DroneDeploy (if DD lets you import elevation data). Even with commercial drones like the Matrice 300, you need to import your own elevation data unless you can find elevation data from other sources that meets your accuracy requirements. Hope this helps

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