Mission resets after battery swap on P3 Pro

Tried to search for this specifically, but kind of unsure from related posts…

I was doing a 140+ acre maps at 350’ AGL and the app said it should complete in about 15 minutes - no problem for a P3 Pro on one battery, right? So I sent it off and at about 70% completion I was getting the low batt alarm 30% remaining) - I let it go for a few minutes and when it dropped to 20% remaining power I wanted to make sure it made it home, even though I still had about 10-15 acres to map. Not finding any kind of pause feature in the software, I switched the remote from “F” to “P” and brought it back manually.

I swapped the battery and tried to send it back out to complete the mission and it wanted to send the craft back out to about the first 30 acre point instead of where the last known images were shot on the plan. I ended up switching back to “P” and flew/shot the remaining images manually using the GO app.

Possible feature requests:
(1) Is there any way to pause/resume for multiple flight missions in the software?
(2) Can a RTH be programmed in at a certain battery % so it will automatically come back and wait for a new battery to be swapped out?

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Thanks for your feedback, @pxlpainter. Good recommendation on the pause feature.

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